How long will asphalt last?
Asphalt laid on proper grade will last 20+ years.

How long should I stay off new asphalt?
In most cases you want to wait 24 hours.  Additional time may be required depending on the time of year. With high summer temperatures, additional days may be required.  Your contractor will advise you upon completion.

When should I seal my asphalt?
If you decide to seal it, there are a variety of choices which can be done anytime after the asphalt is placed.

Do you give ballpark bids?
Every job is different. Bids are free. To get an accurate bid we need to look at the area and the scope of the job.

How does the area need to be prepared?
There are a number of variables that we have to consider prior to preparing the area for laying down the asphalt. Some issues to be considered are the existing subgrade and is it suitable to accept the required depth of rock and asphalt.  There are elevation and drainage issues that also need to be considered.

My existing asphalt has cracks. Can it be resurfaced?
Possibly. All situations are different. A qualified estimator needs to evaluate each individual situation. Small cracks can be crack filled and seal coated. Larger cracks require total resurfacing of the driveway. Call us and we will provide free consulting and advise you of your options.

How late in the season can I get my job done?
Our season runs from April to November based on weather conditions.

Can I put salt on my asphalt in the winter?
You can put salt on asphalt, not on concrete. Snow and ice melts quicker on asphalt.